Cypsela Foundation


Casper Boom | Creative Director

Casper Boom is a filmmaker and director from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, who focuses his energy on new ways of living in harmony with all life, that he translates into films. His energy is as his last name suggests: an implosion of creativity and positivity.

Karsten van Asdonk | Information Director

Karsten van Asdonk has a bachelor in Biomedical Engineering and is now a physics student in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, with a deep interest in new energy technologies and how consciousness plays a key role in physical systems. His curiosity drives him towards the merging of science and spirituality.

Isabella Dos Santos | Project Manager

"When we imagine the impossible vividly, we begin to make it possible. We hope to open the doors of unknown, transforming the impossible into the possible through film."
Isabella Dos Santos has a great passion for the Earth and her nature, and sees clearly that the old paradigm is making way for one of compassion and individual as well as collective evolution. An Environmental Health graduate, she is also one of the youngest representatives of the New Energy Movement as project manager.

Bob Aronds | Creative Producer

"Life changes in a little moment, a tiny decision that creates an opening. In 2019 this resulted in a profound shift within myself. Looking at the world today, we can feel the potential opening all around us. Exciting, no? Let's feel deeply, through love and light, about life and see what happens. Are you in?"

Bob Aronds is working as a life coach, a deep superficial thinker, a intercontinental filmmaker, but above all a loving troublemaker. He loves to receive emails but doesn't hurry to reply to them. He really is a great guy.