Cypsela Foundation


Energy Abundance

Documentary Filmseries

A five part documentary series of 30 minutes each, that takes you by the hand and leads you trough the amazing story of ‘aether technologies’ that can evolutionize our human society. Captivated yet?

These aether technologies produce more clean energy than is needed to run them. This is called: ‘over-unity’. All over the world people are inventing technologies related to this new energy frontier, also known as: ‘free energy’. When implemented from the heart, these can create an abundance of possibilities, free to use for every living being. And what do we see: old powers that be frown and shake their heads. This can’t be possible, can it? Current science theories and consciousness struggle to open up to the phenomenon of aether technologies. How to explain these radical ‘to good to be true’ new ways? Fortunately for us, that doesn’t not stop researchers and inventors from exploring this ‘breakthrough’ field in science.

In the ‘Energy Abundance’ series we introduce and dive deep by sharing a journey of information that has been researched for the past century. It will provide a complete overview of knowledge and inspiration to people that want to learn and create a world of abundance. A new generation is standing up. They know that it’s not just about the technology. Above all it is about the expansion of human consciousness and awareness – as a collective trough the individual.
Prepare to be amazed by the wonders of this the world. As in the end, we are this world.