Cypsela Foundation



At Cypsela we create soil for a world in harmony. We channel and manifest by approaching serious issues with childlike wonder, communicated in a sharp and clear perspective full of oohhs and aahhs.
Co-creation and collaboration trough open-source projects, merge from a moral and spiritual perspective. Interconnectedness in all things, and respect for all life are core values. In this way, we are planting a seed in the collective consciousness; that this time will transcent us towards harmony. We bring forward the strong-hearted visionaries, rebels, game changers, troublemakers and lovemakers with the same resonance.
A striking bubbly collective that welcomes all beings from an open heart, to create, contribute and express from a place of love and light.
Call us crazy, because we are. Crazy for the cause.

What's in the name?

The Cypsela is the flying seed of the Dandelion flower. Its soft whiskers function like a parachute that let it be blown away and carried by the wind with great ease, to pollinate the soil and create more flowers. A humbling example of how nature grows and evolves. A perfect system to copy paste.

Open Source mentality

If there’s anything old-fashioned, it must be secrecy. Based on the mis-trust of others and ourselves we navigate this world and watch films that use it as entertainment. Hold up now James…
We believe in the power of unconditional sharing.This means that projects are open-source: people are free to share and collaborate at all times and the end product will always be available for re-use. Not shaken, not stirred.
This results in no focus on competition or personal gain. Our ego’s agree most of the time. Transparency instead of secrecy. Eat that Mr. Bond.